The Situation Is…

A little introduction:

Welcome to the first “The Situation Is…” with your homegirl, Allison.  I don’t know how “the situation is…” became one of my sayings but it did…(and it did BEFORE Mike “The Situation” graced us with his presence on MTV’s Jersey Shore.)

I use it in every situation.  You can use it to preface an explanation or when you’re letting your friend know she is being crazy or announcing your current state of feeling/emotion or what you are into or when you are discussing the plan for the night…

Here are some examples:

The situation is…  (Repeat this before each line)

– Caroline is the boss of us.    – I miss my family.    – You are being a little cray cray right now!

– I am so sleepy.  -You’ve got to get over that guy!  – I love flavored sparkling water.

See!  It works for everything.

SO now that you know what “The Situation is…” is, on to the post…

A few weekends ago, I went on a Dinner and a Movie date to see Gatsby with one of my besties, Riley.

And THE SITUATION IS… I love Baz Luhrmann and all of his amazingly creative, quirky, exuberant and over the top movies.  He is a true artist and visionary.


THE OTHER SITUATION IS…. GATSBY IS SO IN RIGHT NOW, AND MILLY AND GRACE IS SO ON BOARD WITH IT!  We wish we could wander into one of Gatsby’s parties…

GATSBY QUOTE: “He threw all those parties hoping she would wander in one night.”

I Party With Jay

GATSBY QUOTE: “The bar is in full swing, and floating rounds of cocktails permeate the garden outside”!

Wish I was sipping on Santa Barbara Chic’s Guava Sangria with a touch of sage cocktail right now…

Guava Sangria - SB Chic

Us girls would never show up to Gatsby’s door without proper attire and of course… a hostess gift for the host of all hosts! I’m sure Jay would love some Bella Cucina treats.

Skip over to Milly & Grace… The girls and Tim will be happy to help you get all dolled up!

M&G Gatsby Party

You can also pick up some gorgeous Art Deco inspired jewels by DanniJo at Milly & Grace.

Dannijo jewels

And finally for my favorite Great Gatsby quote…

Daisy to Gatsby


  1. The situation is that I miss you!!

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