Waffle House with My Dad

Waffle House was always my dad’s and my thing. My mom was never crazy about it because she said she preferred to eat at a restaurant where she didn’t stick to the syrup caked onto the seats. While that is a reason that usually would keep me away from a restaurant as well, I love Waffle House anyway. The food seems to always hit the spot for me. But not only that, I love that it’s time spent with my dad. Talking about anything like jokes we’ve heard, stories from his childhood, or what I want to do with my life.

Another thing that I love is how we eat our food. We order the same thing every time. One waffle, two eggs over medium, ham, and triple order of hashbrowns that are to die for. Once all the food arrives at the table, we cut the waffle and the two eggs in half. Then, we put the egg on top of the waffle, drown it and syrup, and eat every last bite. This was the way my grandfather, my dad’s dad, always ate his waffle and eggs. I’m convinced that every time my dad and I go to breakfast at Waffle House together and eat our breakfast the way my granddad would…my granddad is sitting down next to us in spirit. I miss him a lot and seem feel a little bit closer to him when I am at Waffle House.

So, every time I’m back in Georgia, my dad and I make sure we go on a Waffle House date! It’s one of my favorite things.




Waffle House, I love you!

Dad, I love you!

Granddad, I love you!


  1. Aw! That’s so cute! Actually, the food looks a lot better than I remember it…..but, I’ll still leave it to the two of you ! xo

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