Wedding Wednesday

I am back again… bringing you a special Wedding Wednesday!!  THE WORST MOST INTERESTING CELEBRITY WEDDING LOOKS EVER!!!  I don’t want to be cruel about these ladies’ special days…. so I think INTERESTING is a better word.

NOTE: There was a common theme… they all had the worst most interesting head pieces/veils/crowns/bouquets ever!!!


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Melania Knauss…there are just no words for her veil.


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I hate putting you on here, VB!! I love her style, but that hair and crown and bouquet and no smile is killing me.


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Mariah Carey.


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Kim’s diamond necklace didn’t fit over her head so she wore it on her forehead…


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And finally, I leave you with… Emma Thompson…


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  1. Interesting is right!!!!!!

  2. Hahah Emma Thompson kills me.

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