The Winner of the Quest for the Best Eggs Benedict

In honor of National Eggs Benedict Day yesterday, I am announcing the winner to the best Eggs Benedict I’ve tried in the LA area!

I had such a fun time trying out so many places and I know I have a found a couple restaurants in particular that I will be back to plenty more times in my next few years here!

I had a bit of a tough time choosing which was my favorite Eggs Benedict…and I realized I was focusing more on which restaurant I loved instead of just focusing on the dish. And choosing my favorite restaurant is much too hard, so I’m glad that isn’t what I have to choose. My favorite Eggs Benedict was not a hard decision, once I realized what my problem was. So, without further ado, the winner of the Quest for the Best Breakfast is…

Best Breakfast 1 Best Breakfast 2

SADDLE PEAK LODGE – The croissant definitely won me over!

But if you are in town and you are looking for places to go for breakfast with a fun experience, my top favorite restaurants (since I can’t pick just one) were The Griddle, Bottega Louie, and The Beverly Hills Hotel!

I hope you all have a very Happy {Late}National Eggs Benedict Day!

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