Workin’ on my fitness!

Actors not only have to train and work on their craft, they also have to train in the gym!  If you treat acting as a business, the actor is the product.  The product’s packaging and marketing (physical appearance) is just as important as the product (acting) itself.  You are selling an image before you are selling the acting.

I am a very lucky girl because I have found a work out that I LOVE!!  The Tracy Anderson Method.

I had my friend, Kelly Ripa, do a little piece on the Tracy Anderson Method for you all!

I was first introduced to the Tracy Anderson Method by Emily, my older sister.  Emily gave me Tracy’s first mat method DVD.  I fell in love!  I would do the DVD in my living room back in my college days.  I then moved to Los Angeles and have been able to go to Tracy’s studio in Studio City!  They customize a workout specifically for me (and my big booty)!  I have also been able to work out with Tracy herself.  It’s crazy that I used to stare at her on the TV for years and now I get to see her in real life.  She is just as cute and tiny as you think she would be, and also really sweet.  She LOVES what she does and is quite brilliant… you can tell there really is a method to her madness. I am so grateful for the Tracy Anderson Method Studio and all the amazing trainers, as well as the wonderful clients/friends I’ve made there.

Here are a few pictures of the LA Studio below…

TAM Studio

A lot of celebrities love the method because each move is specifically tailored to each person, so you see the results fast!  Here are Tracy and Nicole… Look at those hotties!


One of the things Tracy stresses is that you don’t have to be a client in her studio to get a Tracy Anderson workout/body!  You can do it in the comfort of your own home.  She has awesome DVDs that you can do yourself.  Visit her website for more details!  Try a few right now…


Your little buns will feel tighter after these few moves.  I promise!


  1. Why would I ever want to read the truth?!?!?! :-D But seriously I need to read this everyday! XO

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