A Summer Surprise

What started out as a little surprise…turned into one of the best surprises I have yet to experience.

I woke up one morning to find that my dad had made a dinner reservation at my absolute favorite restaurant in the entire world. Usually, I have to wait for my birthday or special occasions because it is a fancier restaurant (I should have suspected something…but I just thought of it as a lovely little surprise).

When it came time for dinner, I was all giddy and walking with pep in my step as I approached the restaurant. I was completely unaware of what was about to happen. (But, every other person in my family knew and did a very good job at keeping this secret from me.)

Still at a bit of a distance, I crossed the street towards the restaurant and saw a boy sitting on the bench outside the restaurant that reminded me very much of my best friend, Colin, who lived just minutes from me back in Georgia. I took notice that this boy sitting on the bench was even wearing something that Colin would wear. And I got a bit sad thinking about how I missed him.

But, then, as I was getting closer I realized that this boy was looking more and more like Colin. I said out loud, “Wait…are you kidding me?!” The boy turned to face me and sure enough…it was Colin. He flew all the way to Nantucket to surprise me for an early birthday present!!

Summer Surprise 1

Summer Surprise 2

Summer Surprise 3

I am so so happy to have him here!

A High School Graduate

A few weeks ago, I graduated from high school! I guess that means that I’m a big kid now. 

Mom&I - Graduation

Em,Allie&I - Graduation

Colin&I - Graduation

To me, graduating high school was bittersweet. The bitter part being the goodbyes I have said to my dearest friends, knowing I am not going to be able to meet my mom every day at Starbucks after school, and bits of southern comfort. The sweet part being able to celebrate all of my hard work, my acceptance into the perfect college for me and knowing that I get to create a whole new world making new friends and experiencing things I never have before!

All the way from Georgia, I am heading out to Malibu, California to attend Pepperdine University. I could not be more excited! I must admit that it is slightly intimidating because it doesn’t seem like I am just beginning a new chapter, but instead, I’m beginning a whole new book! However, despite the new book I have to write, I have remained very calm and mostly excited to fill up the pages.


Ever since I was a one year old, my family and I have spent our summers on an island about 30 miles out to sea called Nantucket, Massachusetts.

The first few years we spent about two weeks there in the summer. But for the past seven years, we have been fortunate enough to spend the entire summer and Christmases to here in a house of our own.

No matter where my family and I have lived, we always come back to Nantucket for the summers and Christmases. It is the constant. It’s where our whole family gathers together. It’s where I had my first job. It’s where my sister got married.

As we come over on the ferry from the mainland, my mind becomes clear and all my worries go away. It’s so serene and comforting.

Despite living in Georgia for the past ten years of my life, Georgia doesn’t feel like home to me. There is something magical about Nantucket. That sense of magic I assume everyone feels when they think about their home.

To me, Nantucket is my home.

Nantucket Boat

Nantucket Town

Brant Point

Main Street


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