A Nantucket Fourth of July

If you follow me on twitter, you probably already know that I just LOVE spending the Fourth of July on Nantucket. In my opinion, nothing beats a small town’s Fourth of July. The day starts off with everyone ON ISLAND (read about this inside joke here) gathering in town for all of the morning festivities such as, dunk tanks, face paint, pie eating contests, watermelon eating contest, and of course the WATER FIGHT! It’s the town against the firefighters. And this year in particular…the firefighters were not letting anyone leave dry. (I tried to video as much as I could but I was afraid of getting too close cause my camera would have been soaked) Also, you may or may not have heard that I, after two years of placing 2nd in the watermelon eating contest, have finally WON Nantucket’s Annual Watermelon Eating Contest. Allie was so proud of me, she teared up…which I still can’t believe! Anyway, the day continues with either shopping in town or going to the beach. The beaches get pretty packed and crazy so we decided to stay in town. In the evening, we headed over to The Westmoor Club for a Fourth of July Barbeque! And then, usually you end the night with fireworks…but this year the fog rolled in pretty heavy just as the fireworks should have begun. (They don’t call Nantucket the Grey Lady for nothing!) So, they postponed the fireworks to July 5th. And July 5th was a beautiful clear night for watching the firewords and we enjoyed spreading out the celebrations over two days.

I decided to try out the video setting on my camera again and video how we celebrated the Fourth. (So, yes…you’ll get to see me stuff my face with watermelon. I’m in the blue shirt with the fish on it. Also, you’ll see people with their hands up before mine but either they hadn’t swallowed yet or they didn’t eat enough of the red!) Now, without further ado, I present to you A Nantucket Fourth of July…

I am so grateful to live in America and for those who fought for the freedoms that we enjoy each and every day. Happy, happy Fourth of July!


  1. What a great video!! Congrats on winning the Watermelon Eating Contest!!

  2. Nice job, Caroline!! Such a fun day!!

  3. That was so adorable! congrats on the watermelon contest!!

  4. Nothing beats a New England 4th!!

  5. auntie joanie :

    Very nice sweet girl. Thanks for sharing the FUN!!!


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