A Nantucket Thanksgiving

A Nantucket Thanksgiving is just the best!  I always spend Thanksgiving on Nantucket because it is a busy busy weekend in the shop!! This year Steve’s family came down for the holiday.  It was truly a blast!  Most of the photos were taken by my sister in law, Samantha.  A big thank you to her for documenting the weekend!!

A Hollister Thanksgiving

The girls cooking in the kitchen! gals

The boys (and Ivy) playing football.

The guest of honor – Dee Dee!Deedee

I’m thankful for a sweet husband who takes such good care of me. Steve&Em

A Thanksgiving table for 16!
thanksgivingtableYou can get the mercury votives on Milly & Grace .com!

Thanksgiving dinner was delicious!

The day after, I headed to the shop for Black Friday shopping and the rest of the crew went to the beach for some target practice.  I was totally jealous.  Hate to miss out on all the fun!  beachwalking


The clay pigeons are biodegradable of course…chuckit

Samantha is a sharp shooter!samshoot

Did you really think there would be a post without a glamour shot of Ivy??!!IvythesharpshooterI know what you gals are going to think… meyersYou all want to come to my Thanksgiving next year…
harrysSo many handsome boys!! And this cute couple.. Love them!

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend! Ott family… I missed you terribly!

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