Airport Style Trends

Random fact about me… I love airports. I love going to airports and I love flying.  It’s always exciting!  You’re either going somewhere you love or somewhere new, or coming back home, or picking up a visitor… and there is amazing people watching at airports.

Another random fact about me… I hate packing.  And I really should be packing right now for my trip. Or at least organizing outfits to wear with perfectly planned accessories.  (Like Patty, Emily and Caroline.  They are all really good at this… I did not get that gene.)  Instead of packing, I got sidetracked looking up “airport style” on Pinterest.  I love airport style.  It really is important to pick an awesome yet comfortable travel outfit.  Here are some of the trends I saw…

Black Blazer or Black Leather Jacket with a big grey scarf!


Note to self: Go get a grey scarf.

All Black.  Love all black. 


Who doesn’t love all back?



Rosie Huntington-Whitely (left) had the best airport styles.  Look her up.

Plaid with Ray Bans.


I love the grey shirt under the red and black buffalo plaid!

Note to self: go get grey t-shirt.  And look for my ray bans that I haven’t seen in months (hopefully I didn’t loose them).



Emma: Love the grey coat!  And the cool leather back pack in camel.

Rosie:  Love the mixing of tan and black!

GP: LOVE the red boots.  And the grey bag and grey sweater.

I seriously don’t own anything grey?  How did I miss that very important color?  All the cool kids wear grey!

This pinteresting really helped.  Now, I am focused and can start packing!  Nobody call or distract me!  Just kidding.  Do it.  I still don’t really like packing!  XO

Black with Grey Scarf 12, 3 / All Black 123 / Stripes 123/ Plaid 123/ Miscellaneous 123


  1. Great ideas! Thanks, Allie! See you at the airport…looking cute, I’m sure! xo

  2. I could not have written any of this better myself. I do, however, own a boatload o’ gray.
    have a fantastic trip!

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