April Fools Day

I can’t believe how quickly April Fools snuck up on me this year! I love playing pranks and I had good pranks lined up for my suitemates, but April 1st came so quickly I didn’t find the time to plan out my best pranks. (Which I will be saving for another year.) But, I was not going to let the day go by without at least a little something. So, I decided to play the prank that my mom played on me a couple years ago – Oreos filled with toothpaste! Simple, easy, and totally worth it!

April Fools Oreo 1

April Fools Oreo 2

^^Can you tell which one of the three oreos is the one with toothpaste??

April Fools Oreo 3

I’m going to start planning right now for next year. I can’t wait! So, it’s best for your sake that you watch out (:


  1. Did they eat them???

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