Quest for the Best Breakfast: The Marmalade Cafe

Unfortunately, I was pretty disappointed with our search for the best breakfast this Sunday. We went to The Marmalade Café in Calabasas, which is the same chain restaurant as the Marmalade Café we have in Malibu. And you would guess that the two restaurants would be pretty similar. But, it was actually the opposite. The restaurant in Malibu is so much better. The service is much better (but that is a whole other story). The food is much better. But, with that being said, the food at the Calabasas restaurant wasn’t so bad that I didn’t want to eat it. It was a decent breakfast. Pretty classic and somewhat bland. But…edible!

(Also, another bummer about Sunday breakfast…Allie’s camera died and the battery seems to have disappeared. So, I only have the pictures I took with my phone to share with you. Hopefully, the battery turns up soon!)






The Blueberry Pancakes


There was nothing special about these blueberry pancakes. At all. They were really cakey and bland, to the point where your mouth seemed to dry up after one bite. But, put some syrup on anything and it’s bound to taste somewhat good. And that’s exactly what I did.

The Eggs Benedict


Overall, there was really nothing special about this dish either. Except for one thing. It’s hollandaise sauce recipe is spot on!! There is a bit of a kick in it and I absolutely loved it. Now, I just need to find that sauce on a better version of the Eggs Benedict and we will be good to go!

Even though we didn’t have the best experience this Sunday on our quest for the best breakfast, I am looking forward to continuing our search! Because when the day comes that we find the best Eggs Benedict and the best blueberry pancakes…oh it will be a very magical day!

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