Quest for the Best Breakfast: Shutters on the Beach

The weather this weekend was to die for. It was the perfect summer day (even though it’s February – I would complain but I’m going to NY next week so I know I’ll get my winter fix). It was not too hot and not too windy; it was just right! So, Allie and I decided to go to breakfast somewhere with a view. And boy did Shutters on the Beach deliver.

The atmosphere was so serene and relaxing. And the food was pretty darn good too!






^^They brought out complimentary sourdough bread, banana bread, and cranberry pistachio bread…so amazing!




^^Here comes our food!!


Unfortunately, the restaurant did not serve blueberry pancakes. But, they did serve this amazing Belgian Waffle with fresh berries and whipped mascarpone. It was like a dessert! So, we didn’t mind that we missed out on the blueberry pancakes this week.



^^First Bite!

The Eggs Benedict was prepared traditionally with an English muffin, Canadian bacon, and, of course, hollandaise sauce. And luckily, it was way tastier than last weeks traditional dish.



DSCN1425edited ^^First Bite!

I have come to realize that restaurants seem to underestimate the power of the meat part of the Eggs Benedict. The Canadian bacon is usually pretty wimpy, and is a missed opportunity to make the dish fantastic. The Griddle got the meat part right with their version of the Eggs Benedict.

Even though, Shutters did not win the award for the best Eggs Benedict, it was still delicious. And the atmosphere was so amazing. So, overall it waas a wonderful experience.

So far, the Griddle is in first place. But, I am feeling confident that there might be something a bit better out there. So, I’m going to continue the quest!

Please let me know if you have any suggestions on what restaurant Allie and I should try next!


  1. If you want to Venture to the Valley, EAT in North Hollywood is super tasty, and for Atmosphere and tasty food, Aroma on Tujunga Ave. Studio City.

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