SAG Awards 2014 – Best Dressed

Allison, here, reporting for The Milly & Grace Girls!  Emily is in Mexico for a Bachelorette weekend and Caroline is in Switzerland with no Wi-Fi!  (I’m on the couch watching football.)

Side Note: This is what I think about when I think of Caroline with no Wi-Fi/Technology…

I love that movie.  Anyways, back to the SAG Awards.  I love the SAG Awards. I feel like everyone lets loose! Like it’s just the kids with no adult supervision (Hollywood Foreign Press and The Academy) around.  I also cry during most/all of the speeches.  These actors speak in a language during these awards that speaks to the hearts of actors.

Like Brian Cranston’s speech…

“The only thing that got me through is imagining and dreaming that one day I could actually make a living as an actor.”


Now onto the Best Dressed – With the SAG Awards you can have a little fun with your look than with the Globles or the Oscars!  Lupita, Elisabeth, Jen Garner and JLaw did just that…

SAG AWARDS 2014 - Best Dressed

Amy Adams was our “Almost Best Dressed”/”Half Nailed”.  We wish that she would have off set her structured dress with hair down with a sleek straight blow out instead of a structured up do would have been killer.



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  1. I agree about Amy’s hair – but I would have still put her in for best dressed in place of Elisabeth. Lupito is killing it with the award show fashion….by far BEST DRESSED!! Love the video!! xo

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