Grammy Awards 2014 – Best Dressed


Is it just us or are the Grammys getting better and better every year?  What a great show last night!  Our highlights:

  •  In case anyone was wondering if Beyoncé & Jay-Z are slowing down now that they are parents, think again.  They confirmed that they are still the king & queen of the music industry.
  •  We are so happy Lorde won Best Performance and Royals won Song of the Year – that was well deserved.
  • Daft Punk won a bunch of awards and kept the show running on schedule because of their short/non-existent acceptance speeches.  (I (Emily) had to google what they looked like under those helmets.  Come on, admit it – I know some of you did too!  I have to say that I was expecting these guys to look a little tougher unmasked than they do – So I guess their helmets worked?!  Steve said if he was a rock star, this is how he would do it.)
  • Pink’s performance was amazing.
  • Macklemore & Ray Lewis stole the show with their emotional performance of Same Love.  Right after the song and to top it off, Queen Latifa proceeded to marry 33 gay and straight couples right there!  Well done Grammys.  We don’t know how you couldn’t have been moved by that emotional performance.  That song is incredibly powerful and we love him so much for taking a stand and writing it.  Every time we hear that song it moves us to tears. Even though we’ve got a long way to go, it makes us happy that we are moving in the right direction.  If you haven’t seen it.  Watch. It. Right. Now!

Now it’s time to discuss our favorite part of the night – The Red Carpet!!

Emily’s Top 3 Best DressedEmily's - Best Dressed Grammys 2014Anna Faris was my top pick hands down.  I know, at first glance you might think that it’s a little boring but take a closer look.  The dress brings out her eyes, her jewelry is the right shade of blue (love the finger chain bracelet), and her hair works so perfectly with this dress.  What can I say?  I am always a sucker for a clean, classic look.  Beyoncé looked sexy – what else is new?  Loved that she did the messy, natural hair and dark nails and lips to make the dress look less bridal.  Ok Colbie Caillat, I know you turned some heads you never turned before.  This is the first time she’s ever really shined on the red carpet and I was just really proud of her.  I wish her hair was a little more elegant but other than that all the other elements of the look were working in her favor.  When red is done right, it looks amazing and the dress was tailored to fit her perfectly.

Allison’s Top 3 Best DressedAllison's Top 3 - 2014 Grammy's Best DressedOh the Grammys!  I watched the whole things last night… it was long.  I definitely had to get up and dance for some of the performances!  But before the performances, there was the Red Carpet.  So let’s get to my Top 3.  I just loved Tswift’s sparkly, diamondy chainmail dress.  Only someone super tall and super skinny could wear that dress.  It fit her perfectly!  Now, I was not a fan of her head banging and hair flipping during her performance.  Katy Perry in this Valentino dress!!  What I love about it was that this was straight off the runway and someone didn’t make it for her.  It is so perfect for the Grammys and I am so happy she rocked it.  Princess of Music.  And now for Queen B.  Sexy mama.  This sexy number hugs her in alllll the right places. Right, Jay?  This dress is a perfect example of how you can work a sheer number and still be elegant!  I also loved that she went with her natural hair length and didn’t have extensions!  Perfect.

Caroline’s Top 3 Best Dressed Carolines - Best Dressed Grammys 2014

It hurts me just a little bit to give the #1 Best Dressed Award to Taylor Swift because she just really grinds my gears (for reasons like that head banging during last night’s performance). But, the award is for who looked the best not who I like the best. And I think she looks amazingly beautiful head to toe in this dress. Katy always gets creative with her outfits and this one is my favorite. It’s so whimsical and just so Katy. I wasn’t crazy about her hairstyle though; I would have liked a simple chignon better. And for the first time ever, I’m picking a BOY for my best dressed list. Macklemore looked so sleek in this suit, and that color looks so good on him. Oh and his performance last night brought me to tears.  Well, that wraps up my picks for the Best Dressed Grammy’s 2014. I cannot wait for the Oscars. Seriously, I’m getting impatient!

Lookin’ Like A Grammy at the Grammys Award goes to Madonna…Madonna - Grammys 2014

A Grammy that’s ready to hit the slots in Vegas.


B*tch Stole My Look Award goes to Pharrell…

StoleMyLook - Grammys 2014

We think next year, Pharrell should present all the awards wearing that hat…

The Grammy Sorting Hat will announce the winners!

Photo Credit: Instyle, EOnline, Pharrell Hat, SortingHat

SAG Awards 2014 – Best Dressed

Allison, here, reporting for The Milly & Grace Girls!  Emily is in Mexico for a Bachelorette weekend and Caroline is in Switzerland with no Wi-Fi!  (I’m on the couch watching football.)

Side Note: This is what I think about when I think of Caroline with no Wi-Fi/Technology…

I love that movie.  Anyways, back to the SAG Awards.  I love the SAG Awards. I feel like everyone lets loose! Like it’s just the kids with no adult supervision (Hollywood Foreign Press and The Academy) around.  I also cry during most/all of the speeches.  These actors speak in a language during these awards that speaks to the hearts of actors.

Like Brian Cranston’s speech…

“The only thing that got me through is imagining and dreaming that one day I could actually make a living as an actor.”


Now onto the Best Dressed – With the SAG Awards you can have a little fun with your look than with the Globles or the Oscars!  Lupita, Elisabeth, Jen Garner and JLaw did just that…

SAG AWARDS 2014 - Best Dressed

Amy Adams was our “Almost Best Dressed”/”Half Nailed”.  We wish that she would have off set her structured dress with hair down with a sleek straight blow out instead of a structured up do would have been killer.



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The 2014 Golden Globes Best Dressed

2014 Golden Globes Best Dressed

Let’s get down to business! Here are our Top 3 Best Dressed Picks from last night’s Golden Globes!


Emily's Best Dressed - Golden Globes 2014

Number 1: Lupita Nyong’o

My best dressed absolutely has to go to Lupita Nyong’o who wore Ralph Lauren.  For someone so new on the Hollywood scene, it is so impressive that she knocked it out of the park this far.  Love that she just wore simple jewelry so not to take away from the main attraction.  Well done!!

Number 2: Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara did the best Hollywood glam look.  She was totally stunning.  And of course I love that she added a pop of color with the necklace.

Number 3: Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie could wear an ugly Lady Gaga costume and I would still be mesmerized by her.   Love this clean but very glamorous look.  The dress fit her beautifully and I love that her emerald green shoes match the emeralds on her dress!  Nice touch.  And an Australian accent is always a nice accessory as well.


Allison's Best Dressed - Golden Globes

Number 1:  Amy Adams

I just loved this look from Amy Adams last night.  I thought it was simple and beautiful.  I loved that her hair was back with a Grecian inspired style with braids paired with the two toned Valentino gown.  She was elegant and effortless.

Number 2:  Reese Witherspoon

Do you see a trend going here?  Another simple yet gorgeous look!  I am all about the minimalistic look.  This Calvin Klein Collection dress in that mermaid teal color.  Loved it.  I especially loved that she picked a fun contrasting nail color too.  (Probably Essie’s Wicked!)  And she didn’t do anything too crazy with the hair (unlike Jessica Chastain and Amber Heard).

Number 3: Emma Watson

I know, I know!  I bet a lot of you are going to fight me on this one!  Capris and a dress making the best dressed list?  I say… Hell Yes!  It definitely would have looked weird if the back wasn’t open.  Again, simple…but this time edgy too!  I think what made her look was her rebel smirk in every picture she took!  She owned it and I love her for it!  (I wore satin capri cargo pants to my Homecoming one year and I think people thought I was crazy… but I felt like a badass.  I’ll have to dig up a picture for you.)


Caroline's Best Dressed - Golden Globes 2014

Number 1: Leslie Mann

Okay, just look beyond her semi-creepy stare and you’ve got a winning look! I’m a sucker for lace and I think the design of the dress is classic and elegant with a bit of modern flare. And she complimented the modern flare with her gold clutch and bracelet perfectly. And as always, a pop of color on the lips is a must in my book.

Number 2: Olivia Wilde

I mean, she really does look amazing. That baby bump is absolutely adorable and I think she dressed it really well unlike some of her fellow attendees (ehem Drew Barrymore and Kerry Washington). The only reason I wasn’t blown out of the water is because I feel like I’ve seen this all sequined gown look a gagillion times. But, regardless, she looks beautiful so I have to give her credit!

Number 3: Michelle Dockery

I love this dress a lot. But, she didn’t quite get the look 100% right.  I think Michelle could have chosen way more amazing shoes for that dress. Those shoes are just a little frumpy. If you’re going to pick a dress that shows off your shoes then you need to pick shoes worth showing off. But, I mean hers match so they aren’t terrible. With that glitch aside, she still looks beautiful overall.


And that’s a wrap! I think it’s pretty funny how none of our top picks overlapped. It shows just how different our styles are even though we are sisters!

Do you agree with us? Who did you think was best dressed?

(All pictures above were found on Instyle)