Can I Join in on All the Fun??

My sisters started blogs.

Bows & Stars

I was sitting at home reading their blogs.


They were bopping around LA spending time together, snapping photos and writing about their fun adventures!


I was starting to feel a little left out!!

So what’s a sister to do??

BUTT IN… Naturally!

So began the brainstorming and we founded the Milly & Grace Girls Blog!!

Screen Shot 2013-06-09 at 10.02.23 PM

The name Milly & Grace came about 4 years ago when I opened a clothing & home décor boutique on Nantucket.  I named the store after our Grandmothers: Milly & Grace (see the About page).

Really, my family is as much a part of the Milly & Grace brand as I am.  The store wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for them.  My mom helps with buying & merchandising, Allison worked at the store the first summer and makes all the music playlists, Caroline has worked/ been the boss every summer since it opened and my dad has offered countless hours of business advice.  It truly has become a family affair.

Since Allison and Caroline are also the granddaughters of Milly & Grace it worked out to be the perfect name!

So thank you to my adorable little sisters for including their big sister so she doesn’t feel left out!


Let the blogging begin!  I hope I can keep up with them!


  1. I look forward to reading your future posts, Emily! Love that you’re all blogging on the same site and that you’re no longer left out :-) Love and miss you all!!

  2. As a Milly & Grace groupie I’m so excited to read your posts. Almost as excited as I am to visit the store again next month when I’m on Nantucket. See you then!

  3. Linda Wolverton :

    Congratulations girls! This is AWESOME! It’s a beautiful blog, and I’m looking forward to reading all your posts!! Have fun. xo

  4. so, so, so good!!!!! i <3 it!!!!!

  5. Three of my favorite girls together in one place!!! I love it.

  6. auntie joanie :

    I KNOW —the sisters were trying to leave you out–&–they say lil sisters are the ones that get left in the dust.HA HA you fooled them. Seriously Emily ,I couldn’t be happier for you all and your new blog adventure. You all hold a very special place in my heart. I am extremely proud of you and the business woman you are and how you bless so so many people in the process.

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