Hot Tracks on Repeat

As Emily mentioned in her FIRST POST EVER, I was in charge of creating the playlists for Milly & Grace when they first opened.  I love making playlists!  I love every genre of music… Country. Motown. Jazz (like Frank Sinatra). Soft Rock. R&B. Pop, etc.  It all depends on my current mood or the mood I would like to be in.  Music can change your mood in a matter of seconds!  When you are angry and need a good break up or girl power song… Taylor Swift, Pink and Beyonce are your girls!

My good friend Dustin LOVES putting together mixed CD’s.  He always brings them to me and right away I can’t wait to get to my car so I can pop that baby in (which is now the only place I have a CD player.  Remember when we would carry around discmans…  AND binders full of every CD we owned?!  Oh how times have changed.)!  Dustin always calls the songs he puts on his CD’s, “hot tracks.”  So in honor of Dustin, I am sharing with you some of my current HOT TRACKS.  A little medley of my current favorites.  (It literally is my “recently played” list on my IPod.)

Hot Tracks

Hot Tracks

Everyone must listen to Same Love by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.  Caroline and I first heard this song in Tom Shadyac’s class.  It touched our hearts.  I hope it touches yours too.


  1. I’m downloading all of them now! You always have the best beats playing!

  2. Can’t wait to check these out! I’ve heard of two of them! And that Same Love song is awesome!

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