I went to the MET… Here’s the proof!

During our buying trip to NYC, it was my mission to squeeze in a visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  As I mentioned on my list of 30 things to do before I’m 30, I had never been before because I could never make it past Bergdorfs as I was heading up 5th Ave.  So we had to get there – Do not pass go, do not collect $200.  And we made it:

I made it

Here are some of my highlights:

I think the most impressive thing at the MET are the floral arrangements in the lobby (Great Hall) of the museum (now don’t all roll your eyes at once).  They are so grand and so spectacular it practically took my breath away.  Initially I took a double take because I thought for sure they were fake.  But no…They are REAL and there are 5 big urns full.  According to Crain’s New York Business: “A reported $4 million endowment from late Reader’s Digest co-founder Lila Acheson Wallace pays for fresh flowers each week—forever—in the Great Hall of the Metropolitan Museum of Art”.  Pretty cool!

Met flowers

Next up is the Impressionist wing.  Confession…. I had a Claude Monet obsession from the ages of 10-13.  It was bad.  I even had a Water Lilies bedspread.  This is NOT a joke and I can’t even explain it.  This wasn’t something Patty wanted me to have.  I HAD TO HAVE A MONET BEDSPREAD.  I wish I had a picture but it was pretty close to this:Monet Bedspread

Here are some of my favorite paintings:  Water Lilies

waterliliesBridge over a Pond of Water Lilies and The Manneporte Near Étrtat


My favorite Van Goghs – Roses and Wheat Field with Cypress

Van GoghThe  Fabergé pieces from Matilda Geddings Gray collection were exquisite.  The Lillie-of-the-Valley Basket is made of gold, silver, pearls and diamonds! Lillies of the Valley Matilda’s cigarette cases & clutches: Cigarette Cases

In the modern art wing we came across the most breathtaking work of art of all:  The Dyson Vacuum.  Art enthusiasts say that art changes lives and the way people think.  Well let me tell you that my Dysons (I have 1 at the store and 2 at my house) have changed my life.
dysonAnd there you have it! #4 is checked off my list!


  1. l remember your Monet obsession. I can remember sending you stationary, calendars, and even a puzzle with his prints on them. I think your mom finally said,” you were on to something else.” I loved seeing all your favorites. Goodbye #4.it was beautiful. Great blog Emily.

  2. I so enjoy reading your ‘stuff’, Em….

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