Quest for the Best Breakfast

Last Sunday, Allie and I discovered the best French Toast we had ever eaten…which led us to our brilliant beyond brilliant idea to search for our favorite version of our favorite breakfast dishes!! Mine is Eggs Benedict and Allie’s is Blueberry Pancakes. We are going to go around to different restaurants all over the LA area and try all the Eggs Benedicts and Blueberry Pancakes out there until we find the best Eggs Benedict we have ever eaten and the best Blueberry Pancakes we have ever eaten.

This past Sunday marks our first day of our journey to find the best breakfast! We started out with none other than the famous restaurant “The Griddle.” How could we start anywhere else? I have heard so many amazing things about it’s breakfast, but I had never tried it. And boy oh boy did it set the bar high!



(^^don’t be discouraged by the moved really quickly!)


^^taking cover from the rain!



^^we made it inside…you can’t really tell but I’m drooling over everyone’s food.



Over all the years I have been ordering Eggs Benedict for breakfast (which is pretty much my entire life…so 18 years), I had yet to try it on potato skins. And that is exactly how the Griddle prepares it’s version of my favorite dish. Three potato skins, with a thick cut of Canadian bacon (so much better than the wimpy slices I sometimes get) on top, and two poached eggs. Then, the chefs drown the plate in Hollandaise sauce. Sometimes I couldn’t even see what I was cutting through it all. But, don’t get me wrong…I’m not complaining.






^^first bite!!

I loved it on the potato skins for a change!! I was skeptical at first, but then pleasantly surprised. I’m not so sure if it is the absolute best version of Eggs Benedict I have ever eaten, but it sure was pretty darn good!





^^first bite!!

Now, if it were up to me…I would have named the blueberry pancakes the best pancakes I have ever eaten. I don’t think I would even have to try anywhere else. There was a dollop blueberry sour cream on top that was to die for and truly made the dish! Usually, with pancakes I can’t eat more than one because I feel like it’s the same bite over and over. But, the sour cream left me wanting more and more. Unfortunately, my yearning to finish every last bite wasn’t quite as strong as my extremely stuffed stomach. It killed me not to finish it.

However, the blueberry pancakes were not up to me to judge. (My apologies to The Griddle) Allie thought they were pretty amazing too but she wasn’t quite as convinced as I was that they were the best. So, the search continues!

Stay tuned!!






  1. Whoa! That is some intense breakfast! I think I would like a more traditional eggs benedict. However, those blueberry pancakes looked amazing! What a fun and delicious quest! Wish I could join you! And can I just say…..forget the blueberry pancakes…..check out those blue eyes!!! Love you girls! xo

  2. I love this challenge!! I love Eggs Benedict the best too, and I order them whenever I go out for brunch. This weekend in San Francisco, I went to a Cuban restaurant for brunch and had Arepas Benedict (arepas are made of corn meal), and it was pretty good. There’s a steak house (of all places) in NY called Parlor Steakhouse (on 90th and 3rd) that makes their Eggs Benedict on a HUGE amazing biscuit and it’s pretty fabulous.

    • I’ve never tried it on a biscuit before but that sounds too good to be true!! Hopefully one day I’ll be able to try it!

  3. LOVE it! Making me hungry for breakfast food, though… Have fun with this–what a great and yummy challenge for yourselves.

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