Same Page Monday

1.  Caroline just sent me the following picture.  She said that this picture sums up their whole weekend.  I am now posting that picture on Same Page Monday because I would like the record to show that Caroline and Hannah had a boring weekend, holed up in their cold rooms, studying and writing papers… and not out having an amazing time galavanting around Europe and making us all jealous.  Yes, that is Hannah under that blanket.


2.  It is one of my Thanksgiving traditions to re watch my favorite Friends Thanksgiving episodes.  (No, I do not have too much time on my hands.)  The One with The Football Game/Geller Cup  is my all time favorite.  But I actually just watched this one for the first time… The One where Brad Pitt comes to Thanksgiving… and he was one of the members of the I hate Rachel Green club.  hehe

Watch… if you do or do not have time on your hands…

3.  Caroline and I love the Friends Thanksgiving episodes so much that we always try to figure out a way reenact this scene…  It’s always a sneak attack.  No one really wants to be on the receiving end of a tiny marshmallow in their nose.  (Cezzie, we will have to save this for Christmas.. “Hot Chocolate with baby marsh-mellows… she has more marsh-mellows than me.”  Name that movie.)

Here is the scene….

Monica: Um, Rachel, you want to put the marshmallows in concentric circles.

Rachel: No, Mon, you want to put them in concentric circles. I want to do this.

Monica: Every year.


4.  One year, I made yarn ball turkeys for part of my centerpiece for my LA Thanksgiving.  (Again, I do not have too much time on my hands.)


5.  I have seen this car quite a few times driving around like a crazy person in Brentwood.  He changes lanes quickly and speeds around…. and I keep thinking to myself…. “What is he doing driving like that with that sleeping Grandpa in the back.  Poor, Grandpa.”  I finally got a chance to pull up next to him the other day.  While I was pulling, I didn’t know if I was going to scold him or say I was going to turn him in… but that all changed when I found out that the Grandpa was FAKE!!  That red hat was sitting on top of something, but it was definitely not a person.  I don’t know how I feel about this situation.  I can’t wait to see him again though.

photo-13 copy 5

 6.  And finally, Go Patriots.  That was the most amazing comeback ever on Sunday Night.  I mean, who can comeback from being down 24-0 at half time and win?? #BostonStrong #InTomWeTrust

7. Yes, I just hashtagged silly Patriot fan hashtags.


  1. I’ll name that movie – THE HOLIDAY! Boom. I miss my other movie-quoting half. No one gets my references as much as you do. I even quoted Em’s favorite movie to her and she still couldn’t guess it. Boo.

  2. I wish I could think of a good movie quote right now…but I can’t. (Surprise! Surprise!)
    You all are hilarious! xoxo

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