Same Page Monday

I’m in trouble.  Another tardy blog post.  Boss Lady Caroline busted me this morning.  I apologize to all of you who missed not being on the same page yesterday and had to wait till today.  I hope your whole week wasn’t thrown off on account of me.  I just got back yesterday from a weekend in San Francisco.  I will now get you all on the same page.

1.  It was Grace’s 80th Birthday last week!  The whole family gathered together in Northern California this past weekend to celebrate.  Happy Birthday to our sweet Grace!  (The picture on the right is of Grace and little Billy, our dad… 60 years ago.)


2.  Here I am, waiting for Emily and Steve to arrive at the airport last Friday… I might have a new career in chauffeuring, if the whole acting thing doesn’t work out.  I waited there with my Milly & Grace Girls post card with all those drivers with signs.  Waiting.  And waiting.  About 20 minutes after the first Red Sox hat sighting (which means the plane from Boston has deplaned), Em and Steve walked out.  I was the only “driver” left by the time they got there… because Em had to stop and get Pinkberry…

Airport waiting

3. MISSING SILVER SHOE SPOTTED AT SFO.  ONE LONELY SILVER SHOE AT BAGGAGE CLAIM 3.  From Virgin America flight 905 from VEGAS to SFO.  It must have been a crazy week in Vegas.  A women with a glove on came and removed it from the carousel.  If you recognize your shoe, please call the following number, 650.763.5146.   Thank you.  Note:  Be careful while packing, people.  Don’t let this happen to your shoes.


4.  The Core Four stopped by our old house in Danville, CA.  It was the first house we built.  I was four months old when we moved in and 3 years old when we moved out.  Patty and Bill hand picked that big Japanese Maple tree that is still in the front!   So many memories.


You are probably wondering who the Core Four is…well it’s the name for our original family… the family before Caroline showed up 7 years after me!  (We still love you, Caroline!!)

5.  For some reason, we were just not “on” this weekend.  We had some major posing fails.



6.  Thanks to Emily, we had the following song stuck in our heads the whole weekend.  “What do you do when you got a cute puppy?   What do you do when you got a cute puppy?  You love ’em, you kiss ’em, you cuddle ’em too.”  Annoyingly catchy.  Obsessed much?

7.  The Patriots pulled out a win over the Dolphins on Sunday.  And the Red Sox are 3 and 2 in the World Series!! (After some crazy games.) They are heading home to Boston to claim the Championship.

8.  Oh and this happened last week.  Lady Gaga + Giant furry headpiece = ….. there are just no words……

Lady Gaga Leaves Her Hotel Wearing A Furry Head Piece

Photo Credit: INFPhoto

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