Our Summer ’14 Top Picks for Milly & Grace

Like I said in my style report, Summer 14 is going look very fresh!  Pretty soft colors, lots of denim, white dresses, crochet, crop tops and rompers.  Check out some of my favorite looks that will hit Milly & Grace in June.

Joie #nailedit as usual.  Their summer collection was very island (yay for us!), feminine, light and flowy.  As always, they make their pieces very low maintenance, wearable and comfortable!  I admit that I don’t own a romper yet!  (Like I’ve said before, I’m a fashion prude!  Caroline calls me plain Jane.)   This might have to be my first one:

Joie This top is going to look great with cut off jean shorts for summer and then with dark denim and cowboy boots in the fall.  Joie1pickSoft Joie is actually the first line that we ever wrote for Milly & Grace!  Soft takes tried and true styles and bodies from Joie and uses more everyday fabrics – cottons vs. silks.  Can’t you just see this cute tank going to brunch at Black Eyed Susans this summer??softjoiepickI can’t get enough of Rebecca Taylor.  When I wear it, I just feel so put together.  Her collection for summer was the true Rebecca that I know and love: soft colors, feminine bodies and just the right amount of embellishments.  Here is line up of all of our picks for Summer 14! Rebecca Taylor pickMy favorite looks from RT are usually dresses but this time around it was her tops that caught my eye.  We are seeing A LOT of batik prints for summer.  How sweet is this pretty batik print tank?!  And I LOVE this crop sweatshirt with the metallic threading detail.  This is how I’m going to fill the crop trend this summer.rebecca taylor

We can always count on Splendid to make cute everyday pieces at a great bang for your buck price.  If  you are a bit nervous about trying out a new trend – like a pop of chartreuse – look to Splendid to fill that need.splendidpick

We are SO excited to be carrying Free People next season!  Boho Chic is where it is at with Free People and we’re absolutely smitten with this top!freepeopleDuring the last few hours of the last day of the show, we got really lucky and stumbled upon a booth waayy in the back corner called Miss June.  A husband and wife team from France were showing their line for the first time in the United States!  They make the most beautiful pieces that are perfect for summertime in Nantucket!  It was a perfect fit for us.  These are only 2 of many pieces that we bought from them.  This is a MUST SEE when you stop by Milly & Grace this summer! Miss JuneOk.  Hurry up Summer!!  I can’t wait to wear your cute clothes!

Same Page Monday

I’m in trouble.  Another tardy blog post.  Boss Lady Caroline busted me this morning.  I apologize to all of you who missed not being on the same page yesterday and had to wait till today.  I hope your whole week wasn’t thrown off on account of me.  I just got back yesterday from a weekend in San Francisco.  I will now get you all on the same page.

1.  It was Grace’s 80th Birthday last week!  The whole family gathered together in Northern California this past weekend to celebrate.  Happy Birthday to our sweet Grace!  (The picture on the right is of Grace and little Billy, our dad… 60 years ago.)


2.  Here I am, waiting for Emily and Steve to arrive at the airport last Friday… I might have a new career in chauffeuring, if the whole acting thing doesn’t work out.  I waited there with my Milly & Grace Girls post card with all those drivers with signs.  Waiting.  And waiting.  About 20 minutes after the first Red Sox hat sighting (which means the plane from Boston has deplaned), Em and Steve walked out.  I was the only “driver” left by the time they got there… because Em had to stop and get Pinkberry…

Airport waiting

3. MISSING SILVER SHOE SPOTTED AT SFO.  ONE LONELY SILVER SHOE AT BAGGAGE CLAIM 3.  From Virgin America flight 905 from VEGAS to SFO.  It must have been a crazy week in Vegas.  A women with a glove on came and removed it from the carousel.  If you recognize your shoe, please call the following number, 650.763.5146.   Thank you.  Note:  Be careful while packing, people.  Don’t let this happen to your shoes.


4.  The Core Four stopped by our old house in Danville, CA.  It was the first house we built.  I was four months old when we moved in and 3 years old when we moved out.  Patty and Bill hand picked that big Japanese Maple tree that is still in the front!   So many memories.


You are probably wondering who the Core Four is…well it’s the name for our original family… the family before Caroline showed up 7 years after me!  (We still love you, Caroline!!)

5.  For some reason, we were just not “on” this weekend.  We had some major posing fails.



6.  Thanks to Emily, we had the following song stuck in our heads the whole weekend.  “What do you do when you got a cute puppy?   What do you do when you got a cute puppy?  You love ’em, you kiss ’em, you cuddle ’em too.”  Annoyingly catchy.  Obsessed much?

7.  The Patriots pulled out a win over the Dolphins on Sunday.  And the Red Sox are 3 and 2 in the World Series!! (After some crazy games.) They are heading home to Boston to claim the Championship.

8.  Oh and this happened last week.  Lady Gaga + Giant furry headpiece = ….. there are just no words……

Lady Gaga Leaves Her Hotel Wearing A Furry Head Piece

Photo Credit: INFPhoto

Same Page Monday

1.  The Milly & Grace Girl’s Saturday Nights courtesy of Instagram… I’m sure you can guess whose is whose!


^ So Nantucket local.   Tag line: “I’d rather be shucking.”


^ So LA.


^ So college student in Switzerland.  “These cozy socks really help me study.”

2.  Emily claims that her hair is thicker due to her increased intake of avocados.

3.  I’m still jealous of Emily’s Saturday night on Nantucket.  That JCrewesque catalogue photo made me want to pick up everything in LA and move to Nantucket.

4.  Picture of Ivy in her first sweater!!


^So Nantucket puppy.

5.  It’s beginning to look a lot like the season for my favorite movies – Love Actually, You’ve Got Mail, The Family Stone and The Holiday.  They will be on repeat soon enough.

6.  I can’t hear Miley’s Wrecking Ball and not cry.  It’s really bad.  Especially when they play it at the gym and I start tearing up.  It’s embarrassing on all levels.

7.  This is the 5th Same Page Monday.

8.  Patriots lost to the Jets in overtime.  I mean, it doesn’t get much worse than that.

9.  Red Sox are going to the World Series!!! I mean, it doesn’t get much better than that! GO SOX.

10.  For the Non LA people… this will give you an idea of some of the crazy things they are casting for in LA.  I’m not quite sure how I feel about the following casting notice… To submit or not submit: that is the questions!


^So LA.

This is how I read it… Did you ever dream of being so broke that you had to become a stripper?  Your only hope is to go on dates with guys for money?  Maybe Millionaire Matchmaker, Patti, needs to go with another angle!  Tempting but no.  NOT SUBMIT.