South of France: Day 5

On day 5 in the South of France in France, we only had the morning to do a little more touring because later that afternoon we were heading back to school. Back to the real world. Back to midterms. (Spoiler alert: I survived midterm week…but barely!)

We started off the morning visiting an ancient bridge in Avignon…apparently here is where they would sing the song “sur le pont d’Avignon on y danse…” and dance on the bridge (Haven’t heard the song? Me neither, but apparently it’s famous and I was one of the few who didn’t know it!)


And then our friend David asked to take a cheesy picture of Hannah and me holding hands looking off into the distance…


And then we headed to the Palais de Papes, and in English that means The Pope’s Palace. Back in the day, the Popes lived in Avignon in this grand palace. Unfortunately, all of the cool rooms forbid photography so I couldn’t take a picture of the Pope’s bedroom or of the amazing frescos we saw throughout the building. The only rooms left of the palace we could take pictures of were hallways…nothing exciting so instead I took pictures of the outside! Pretty cool huh?





^^The boys bought swords at the gift shop. And they play fought all throughout the streets. They crack me up!

After touring the palace, we had lunch and wandered around the town. And guess what happens when we have free time and we have seen all the sights…we shop and then I see a fluffy cozy scarf that matches my snow boots perfectly so how in the world was I supposed to pass that up? And then we run into a churro stand where the guy is making them fresh in front of us so how in the world was I supposed to pass that up? I didn’t pass either of them up.

Then, it was time to jump on the train back to Lausanne. A lot of us tried (and we really did try) to do homework…but most of us passed out. I got about six pages into my history textbook before falling asleep. We were all exhausted after our field trip, but we had so much fun! I can’t wait for our EFT next semester! Want to guess where we are going? I’ll tell ya…TURKEY! Yay!

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