Sunday Funday

Allie and I missed our Sunday Funday brunch excursions that we had together in California, so we decided to do something about that. And yesterday morning, before we opened up the store for the day, Allie and I got together for breakfast with Emily and our mom at one of our favorite spots on Nantucket – Black Eyed Susans! It was quite delicious.




I, of course, ordered Eggs Benedict. Emily did too! And even Allie chose Eggs Benedict instead of pancakes (!!!) just like me. I couldn’t believe it.


My mom ordered the Portuguese Scramble.


And we just had to have something sweet so we split the French Toast between all four of us!



Once we were stuffed, we waddled our way through town to Milly & Grace to open up the shop!

I think we should start a Sunday Funday breakfast before work tradition…what do you say Emmy and Allie and Mommy??


  1. I’m hungry just looking at those pictures.

  2. Did you notice the “8” in the background of the top kisses photo….it’s almost like I was there with you! LOL!

  3. auntie joanie :

    The best part was the,” sharing “of the french toast. Brilliant just brilliant .

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