The Great Debate – Eyebrow Edition


My friend, Jasmine, had been spending the last few months trying to convince me that I should dye my eye brows darker.  Everywhere we went, every magazine she looked at, every time we watched TV… she pointed out ALL the blondes who have dark eyebrows.

Caroline said NO to the darker eyebrows idea.  She thinks hair should match the eyebrows.  Natural blondes should have blonde eyebrows.  And what Caroline says (usually) goes.   I value both of these girls’ opinions!  I was very torn about the situation.

Here are my girls Gwen and Jules… One has blonde eyebrows and one has darker blonde/brown eyebrows.

Gwyneth was the only celebrity we found that had blonde eyebrows!

They are both so beautiful!

Gwen and Jules

I was so nervous to try this out but I finally gave in and DYED my eyebrows!  Here I am before and after…

allison eyebrows

I’m still not convinced one way or the other!

Does anyone have strong opinions (like my friend Jasmine) one way or the other?


Do you dye your eyebrows?


Have you ever tried any beauty treatments that you were nervous to try or went horribly wrong?

I would love to know!

All I know is I’m glad I didn’t end up looking like this…


Photo Credit: Zimbio


  1. Caroline Ott :

    I stand by my vote…I like the blond eyebrows! Your pretty blond hair doesn’t look natural with darker eyebrows. Also, if that isn’t enough to convince you…Gwyneth Paltrow did just win Most Beautiful Woman! And I think that says it all :)

    But, either way…I still think you’re so pretty!

  2. To be honest….I didn’t even realize that you had dyed them! Either way works for me! Like the song says…..”I Love You Just The Way You Are!” xoxo

  3. auntie joanie :

    WELL!!!!….I had mine dyed in April before I went on my trip. I was getting feet and nail done and dang if the gal didn’t talk me into it . I loved it. Mine were way lighter than my hair and she just made them match. It goes away in two months. You are beautiful no matter what you do……………I needed the help!!!!!

  4. Hmmmmmmm. I think I like the eyebrows that match the color of your hair. Actually, you’re so beautiful anyway, it doesn’t matter what your color your eyebrows are!

  5. I’ve been dyeing mine for years and no one seems to notice…

  6. Thank you all for your comments :) I think you were all so nice because you read my middle child syndrome post! I love you all! PS Steve, so natural and beautiful that no one noticed :) I need the name of your person or do you do them yourself?!

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