The Today Show

Today marks my FIRST APPEARANCE on the Today Show!

The Today Show was in town for the Golden Globes!  All the co-hosts had fun doing different segments around Los Angeles.  They decided to give Savannah Guthrie the “Pretty Woman” experience… and I was there to help!

Take a look!

My friend, Jasmine, and her family own Boulmiche, a women’s clothing store in the heart of Beverly Hills.  The store first appeared on the big screen in Pretty Woman.  It is the store where Julia walks in and all the sales girls are mean to her and then she goes back the next day in her fancy clothes and says… “BIG MISTAKE. BIG. HUGE.”

Today Show 1

^ I hated being fake mean to Savannah!  She really is so sweet, genuine, smart and beautiful!  It was a pleasure meeting you!

Today Show 2

Today Show 3

Today Show 4

Today Show 5

^The famous brown polka dot dress!

Watch below if you would like to see the full segment!

I Have A Problem

I won’t use anything I think is too cute due to a fear of wasting it…like these adorable notebooks that I’ve had for months and months.


Instead of writing in them…I either just let them sit there and look pretty (like the two unpackaged ones) or I just stick post-its on the pages inside. Now, why would I do that? Because I can easily take the post-its out if I decide they aren’t worthy for my cute notebook and reuse the same page. But if I write in it, then that page is done for. There is no going back.

I finally realized that I am crazy. And that there is no point living my life in fear of this! So, I came up with a better idea. I have decided to stop worrying about whether or not what I’m using the pages for is a waste. Because if the worst-case scenario is that I use up all the pages, then I have an excuse to go buy another cute notebook! So, that works for me.

Problem Solved.

The Little Things

It’s the little things in life like…


(Photo Credit)

Ivy-covered buildings

A favorite song playing on the radio

Escaping the dorm showers by taking one at my sister’s apartment on Sundays

Smiles from strangers (the sweet kind not the creepy kind)

A reason to dress up

…that make me smile just a little bit brighter!