The Westmoor Summer Party

It’s that time of year again!! Time for the Westmoor Club’s annual summer party! It’s one of our favorite nights of the summer because it means good food and dancing…both of which we cannot live without.

Can you guess the theme that the party planners (our mom, Emily, and our friend Carole) came up with this year?! A couple years ago it was a Luau, last year it was Tuscan, and this year it was…(drum roll)…Cote d’Azure! The party planners worked very hard to pull this off and I think they did an amazing job of transporting all of us to the South of France with their decorations and yummy food!














^^This year the same band (Eye 2 Eye) that played at Emily’s wedding played for us and it was amazing! We are kind of obsessed with them…especially Penny the lead singer!


cotedazur14^^The boys looked quite spiffy with their colorful pants, don’t you think??






While we were dancing away, Penny came out to sing with us and the next thing we know, she was pulling us on stage to sing RESPECT with her! And it was caught on tape:

We always have such a blast and this year was no different! Here’s to the cutest party planners I’ve ever seen for creating such a fun night for us…


I can’t wait to hear what next year’s theme will be! Any ideas/suggestions??

And just because this video never gets old to me, here is Emily showing us her best moves at last year’s party!


The Milly & Grace Girls on Sirius XM’s Wake Up With Taylor (And NYC Video)



On Tuesday morning, we woke up bright and early and headed over to the Sirius XM building near Rockefeller Center. During the entire taxi ride, we couldn’t believe we were actually going to be on the radio. Then, once we signed ourselves in and we were waiting in the waiting area…we started to get a tad bit nervous.  However, our nervousness never reached a freak out level because we know Taylor is absolutely hilarious and so much fun that she would guide us along the way. And she did! And we didn’t do so badly…no one accidentally swore or froze up. There weren’t even any awkward silences. Phew!


We talked about how much we love this blog and how we got started with it and a little bit about each of our lives. We talked about how Caroline matches her underwear to her clothes and how Emily fell in love with Steve when she was ten (she said it was his turtlenecks that got her!). We talked about Nantucket and the shop. And lots of other fun stuff!


We cannot thank Taylor enough for inviting us on the show…it was such a fun experience! Taylor, we think you are one of kind – so genuine, so cool, welcoming and so hilarious!

And finally….here is the video of the trip that we promised you!

Milly & Grace Girls in New York City: Part 2

On day 2 of our trip to the big city, we decided to explore Brooklyn! Caroline and Allie had never been before and they were curious to see what the hipster life was all about and that famous Brooklyn Bridge up close and personal.



^^While we were looking at the Brooklyn Bridge, we saw four guys who were attached to the bridge climbing down it and wondered what they were doing. Then, Caroline noticed three NYPD boats in the Hudson River and bet that something fishy was going on…although Allie and Emily thought that it was probably normal. THEN, later that day on Twitter we saw an article about how the American flags on top of the bridge had been bleached by someone in the middle of the night. We quickly flipped through our pictures and found a picture of the white flag in one of the first pictures we took. And in our later pictures, there was no flag. So, those guys we saw climbing were taking down the bleached flags! Can you believe it?



^^We ate at this yummy place for brunch called The Lodge in Brooklyn. Caroline had her absolute favorite brunch dish – Eggs Benedict! It was delicious.



^^It was hotter than hot in the city so multiple frozen treats were necessary for survival. This is a strawberry milkshake from the famous Momofuku Milk Bar!




^^On our way over to Brooklyn, Emily said how she couldn’t wait to explore the “slashy slash stores.” Allie and Caroline had no idea what she meant and so she explained how almost every store in Brooklyn were two stores combined. Like a coffee shop/barber shop. We came across this slashy slash store and had to document it! It was a hair salon/gift shop. A really cute one too!




^^We met up with some friends for dinner at Rosemary’s, which is now one of our absolute favorite restaurants. So much so that we debated whether or not to share this gem of a place because it is already so packed every night. But, we love you guys so much that we decided to let you in on it! It’s the most beautiful restaurant we have been in and it has the lightest, freshest Italian food ever. They have a rooftop garden where they grow all their vegetables and herbs. Isn’t that the cutest thing ever?



^^Then, we finished out the night with some ice cream pops dipped in chocolate from Popbar! They were to die for and totally hit the spot.


Check back in tomorrow for the full scoop on the radio show and the video of our trip!