Milly & Grace Girls in New York City

A few weeks ago, the three of us were asked to be on the Sirius XM radio show in New York City called Wake Up With Taylor! We were so giddy that Taylor invited us of all people onto her show (she does interview celebrities after all!!). So, we knew there was no way we were going to pass up this opportunity! We booked our flights as soon as we could and decided to extend our stay just a little bit so that we could make a trip out of it.

We spent two days in the Big Apple and had so much fun exploring. We have each been to NYC plenty of times, but none of us ever get sick of that “concrete jungle where dreams are made of!”  There are so many places to discover and restaurants to try…and we were also excited for a little bit of real world mainland adventures.  Like going to a pharmacy that has everything you need and all kinds of brands (unlike an island pharmacy) and getting a mani/pedi for the first time in months.  Oh and couch shopping for Emily!

Here are some pictures from our first day if you’d like to see…





^^We LOVED our hotel’s look…black and white everywhere including the doorman’s converse!



^^This graffiti wall matched perfectly with Emily’s outfit and Dannijo necklace (available at Milly & Grace)!



^^Pretzel Time!!  If you follow Caroline on twitter, you know, that while Allie and Emily were most excited about going to a pharmacy and getting mani/pedis, Caroline was most excited to get a pretzel! #MainlandAdeventures




^^The flatiron area is one of our absolute favorite places to wander and explore!




^^ It’s hard to order a couch when you live on Nantucket because you can’t just drop into the store to test it out!  So we headed over to Restoration Hardware to sit on every couch they had!  And we were successful…Emily has finally decided on a couch she wants! Yay! She’s really a grown up now. (Note: the one in the picture is not the one she chose, but it’s similar)


^^We ate so much yummy food on our trip. The first restaurant we went to was called Jack’s Wife Freda where we had the most delicious chicken. It was all really delicious actually…but the chicken was especially tasty!  We heard brunch is even better there!  We definitely want to go back on our next trip!  Cute spot.

Stay tuned for more pictures and a video that Caroline is currently putting together!

My Mascara Tips for Big Lashes

WARNING: You might get an overload of my face after reading this post. I am so sorry.

I always have people ask me if my eyelashes are real or what kinda of mascara I use!  The answers…

My eyelashes are real and I use Cover Girl Professional – Super Thick Lash Mascara… (it’s their cheapest one and it’s in a red bottle that is usually at the bottom of the displays. Be sure not to get waterproof mascara.) I love this mascara because it still uses the traditional brush and not one of those weird silicon spikey brushes.

What I wish I could tell everyone when they ask is how I put it on! I think that is the real trick to my lashes… so I am going to tell you all!

That’s me on the left with no mascara on. Unrecognizable, I know. Kinda scary with blonde eyelashes. And then that’s me on the right after I put my mascara on!  Yay, much better!


Step 1: Mascara first!  Apply mascara before you put on concealer, eyeshadow, bronzer or blush!  You are going to get the mascara all over your eyelids…and I mean all over… don’t worry!  You can easily clean it up with a Ponds Make Up wipe.

Step 2:  Start applying the mascara. Quite a few coats.


Step 3:  THE TRICK IS TO GET RIGHT DOWN TO THE BASE OF THE LASHES!  That way you can really lift up those lashes.


You really can’t get down to the root to lift up the lashes without getting it everywhere!

Step 4:  Then wait a minute or two, until the mascara has dried a little.  You don’t want it to be wet but you don’t want it to be fully dried.  Touch it first and if its too wet don’t do it.  It’s kinda like a Goldilocks thing… Not too wet, not too dry… Just right.

Then take your little finger and spread out your lashes.  Getting to the root – pushing them up and then spreading them out.  A little bit of the mascara will come off on your finger, but that is good!  You don’t want too much mascara on or soooo many layers that it looks clumpy.


Step 5:  Now, apply a few more coats of mascara.  This time, really focusing on the tips of your lashes.


Step 6:  Wait another minute and then spread them out again.  (You can repeat these steps again, if you want them even bigger!)

Step 7:  You want to make sure the mascara on your lashes is fully dry before you wipe away the unwanted mascara.  Now, take your make up wipe and wipe away all the mascara around your eyes!


See, all clean!  And now you can put on the rest of your make up!


Not too crazy or hard!  Let me know if you try it and if it works for you!

In Front of the Ivy: My Favorite Summer Color Combo

This is the inaugural post of a new series… In Front of the Ivy. (Title inspired by Between Two Ferns by Zach Galifinakis.)  Here I will share with you some of my favorite things from Milly & Grace!
ColorCombo-Blue&White Blue & white: A classic color combination.  It also happens to be very on trend right now.  It seems like every fashion and home magazine I pick up is featuring this color combo.  You can tell from my instagram that I’m partial to blue & white these days. 
Ok let’s get down to business.   If you haven’t already tried a white earring, you have to.  It is a great summer look – especially when you are tan.  White earrings actually make you look tanner!   I’m loving these white & blue earring by Dannijo.IMG_9853Need a pop of color with a white dress?  This is your answer: A blue clutch with a white closure by Kayu! IMG_9874
ColorCombo-Blue&White2What do you know… The Love Shack Fancy dress made an appearance!  I bet you are thinking…obsessed much??  Yes. Yes I am.  This blue & white tie dye is just too pretty!
BlueandWhiteI’m in the processes of trying to decorate my house in blue & white.  It’s taking me forever to make decisions.  But the good news is that home decor vendors are all over blue & white right now – like this blue & white pillow from Lacefield. Hopefully it will inspire me to speed things along. Check out some more of our blue & white pieces on the Milly & Grace online boutique!
IMG_9944Can you tell I can’t resist anything blue & white tie die??  A scarf is such an easy way to incorporate this color combo into your life.
IMG_9917I’m going to make a bold prediction. I think tie dye is going to make a big come back next summer season. We’ve seen touches of it this season but I think we are going to see more of it next year. I’ll report back in January after I go to the summer market!IMG_9930Thanks for being such a cute model Caroline!!IMG_9925