Saturday Night Live Bloopers

Who needs a good laugh?  With the weather getting cooler and with it getting dark so early, I think we all do.

You know what makes me laugh more than anything?

People cracking up on TV when they are not supposed to. As an actor,  I understand how hard it is not to laugh when you find something funny.

Saturday Night Live has some of the best crack-ups ever!  These experienced comedians are trying so hard not to laugh that it brings me such joy and always puts a smile on my face!  Here are my Top 5 Saturday Night Live Bloopers!


They are really funny and I promise you will laugh out loud at some of these! ;)  Just click on the image to see the skit!

1. Debbie Downer

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 3.38.13 PM

2. Super Showcase

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 3.43.40 PM

3. The Californians

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 3.38.42 PM

4. Extremely Stupid People

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 3.40.06 PM

5. Stefon: City Correspondent 

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 3.45.12 PM

I could watch these every day and never get sick of them!  Hope you got a good laugh out of some of these today! ;)

See you on Tuesdays!


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Have a laugh!

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