Oak Bluffs – Martha’s Vineyard

I know. It’s been awhile since I got back from my trip to Martha’s Vineyard.  It has been a crazy couple of weeks with the 4th of July, the launch of the Milly & Grace online store and spending time with our visitors!  However, I couldn’t resist sharing more of our adventures OTV.

I mentioned in my Nantucket vs. Martha’s Vineyard post that Martha’s Vineyard has 6 towns and one of them is named Oak Bluffs.  What sets Oak Bluffs apart from the other MV towns is the Camp Meeting Grounds.  The center of town is made up of over 300 little “gingerbread cottages” – tiny, gothic/victorian style homes that were built in 1866 as a part of a Methodist summer retreat.  Nowadays, camp activities have calmed but the community still maintains some services and traditions.

I spent an afternoon wandering and weaving through the campground and what I noticed the most besides the architecture and brightly painted houses is the sense of community and pride among the home owners.  I later learned that a lot of these houses have been passed down four or five generations from the original camp owners.  There was a constant buzz – porches were full of people, there were picnics on the greens and people out enjoying their gardens.  And everyone was especially excited when you wanted to take a picture of their house.

I snapped a few pictures of some of my favorites!


gingerbread houses 1

gingerbread houses 4

gingerbread houses 2

gingerbread houses 3

AND THEN…I stopped dead in my tracks when I came across a Pink & Grey cottage named Nana’s Dream.  Personally, I think it should be renamed the Milly & Grace house!

Milly & Grace House

Vineyard Vines – Oak Bluffs Style.


Oak Bluffs is also home to The Flying Horses –  the oldest operating carousel in the US !

cba8ef789855c8a2bada59ed6d83fdc7Photo Credit

Oak Bluffs is a must see if you are ever OTV!