Choc Peppermint Rice Krispy Treat

Monkey and I are back with an easy Holiday treat recipe –  Chocolate Peppermint Rice Krispy Treats!


3 Tablespoons of Butter

6 cups of mini PEPPERMINT marshmallows

6 cups of Cocoa Krispies

Choc Peppermint Rice Krispy Treat  1

He was posing all cute and on his best behavior for like 3 seconds, and then he stuck his hand in the marshmallows.

Choc Peppermint Rice Krispy Treat 2

Monkey really tries to be helpful.  He carried the pot over for me… and then did this amazing front flip into the pot.


Then all of a sudden he pulled out some mistletoe.  Mistletoe.  Where does a monkey get mistletoe from ??  He even did the spiderman upside down kiss thinking that would help him get lucky!  And it did ;)

Choc Peppermint Rice Krispy Treat 3

Then we melted the butter, added the marshmallows, stirred them until they were melted, added the cocoa krispies, stirred,  then poured it into a buttered pan and smooshed it down.

Choc Peppermint Rice Krispy Treats 4

They turned out great!  Easy and simple!  Done in minutes and ready to eat!   Some recipes called for extra peppermint extract but I think they were pepperminty enough (but not too strong).

I was trying to take pictures but all he wanted to do was get his hands on a treat!  I kept shooing him away and then he came in all Tom Cruise “Mission Impossible” style!


  Cooking with a monkey is not always easy… but there is never a dull moment with him!


  1. What a crazy monkey, he needs some skills!

  2. I hope that silly little monkey is coming to Nantucket with you! :)

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