GGW 2013 – Lake Tahoe Part 2

On the last day of our weekend in Tahoe we spent playing in the treetops! You guessed it – zip lines, suspension bridges and tightropes OH MY!  We were staying in South Lake and so we headed up to North Lake to go to the Tahoe Treetops Adventure Course!  It was absolutely the most beautiful drive.  (Tip to future Tahoe travelers – take a drive around the lake!)  This shot was snapped from the car:


When we arrived to the adventure course, we had to gear up! Kelly & Allie are sporting our GGW sweatshirts that were a gift to the group from Kim when she hosted in Portland last year!  We say “Nannual” GGW instead of Annual as a tribute to Milly.  We called her Nanny :) (The sweatshirts were designed by our talented cousin Shannon!)


And yes, it just so happened that the helmets matched our sweatshirts!  How perfect!  (Caroline you would have been so happy that “it all tied together!”)


Allie was a pro!


Kelly totally faced her fears and dominated the course!


Kevin and Kyle, you would have been so impressed by your mom!!  Aunty Candy you are too cute!  And there on the right is Aunty Joan and Patty (Sisters!).


Off I go on the zip line!  My pea size head barely fit the helmet.


The group shot!  This was such an awesome activity!  So much fun to do together.  Everyone was challenged to step outside their comfort zone.  I was super impressed by the “older” ladies – they were showing us up!  (Please don’t you all smack me for saying “older” – what else am I supposed to say??!!  I’ll be older one day too!!)


We stopped at Sunnysides for lunch afterwards… They are known for their zucchini sticks.  Here is the view…



Until next year!!  Can’t wait to see you all in Florida for the 12th Nannual Girls Getaway Weekend!!


  1. So proud of everyone! That looks like it was so much fun…I wish I could have been there!

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