The Hunter Gatherer Dinner


Last week, Steve went fishing and caught and brought back this AMAZING Striped Bass.  So the next day we decided that we were going to cook that freshly caught fish for dinner!


Earlier that day, Emily and I went on our Ivy Adventure, the one that Emily goes on everyday.  We were walking along and talking about what we were going to make with the fish that night when we came across a woman looking in the brush along the side of the trail.  Annie (we later came to find out her name) informed us that “the berries are out”! (Emily and I looked at each other, both wondering what  she talking about!?)  Well, it turns out that there are wild blueberries and blackberries growing along the walk we take Ivy on everyday!  We would always see Ivy going into the brush and eating something but we just assumed that she was eating the leaves off the plants like she usually does… but she was actually eating yummy berries!!  We got so excited that we gathered up a whole bunch of berries and took them home with us (well, a whole bunch got eaten along the way too)!

We thought this is what men and women must have done back in the day… We were really proud of ourselves and deemed our dinner that night, “The Hunter Gatherer Dinner”!








Emily thought it would be best to keep it simple.   She salt and peppered the fish (generously) and then cooked it on the flat top (it was raining that night so we couldn’t grill).  She then melted butter and lime zest together, spooned it on top of the cooked fish and then topped it with fresh basil and cilantro!


We made an easy salad of greens, cucumber, radishes (from Bartlett Farm) and avocado with a fresh citrus dressing that Caroline whipped up from our favorite Forest Feast Cookbook!


We served it with cous cous AND the famous Stever Cocktail (recipe to come)!  It was the most delicious meal!  And those hydrangeas are from our Mom’s garden!  It was a very rustic and very homemade meal :)

Then it came time for dessert!  We decided to make a galette… I knew how to whip one up because I had made one a few weeks before!  (Click here to see the Apple Galette I made!) It was so easy.  I washed the berries, mixed it with a little sugar, flour and lemon juice.  Spooned it on top of an unbaked, store bought pie crust, folded over the edges and baked!






It was the best way to end that meal!  A big thank you to Annie for letting us in on her Nantucket secret!

And here is a little video of our Berry Picking Adventure on our Ivy Adventure… I didn’t have that much footage but you’ll get a feel of the experience :)


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