A Nantucket Snow Storm – #ACKHERCULES


On the second day of the storm, Nantucket woke up to a huge, white, fluffy layer of snow.  This meant we had to go sledding!  We all bundled up and headed out for another adventure!   Caroline had never been sledding before.  I know, isn’t that terrible?!  We definitely took her sledding when she was between the ages of 1 and 3, but she obviously doesn’t remember.  She was convinced she could “slip and slide” down our snow covered shell path… but she quickly realized that that doesn’t work!  We then found a huge pile of snow that the plow trucks left in our neighborhood that served as a pretty “epic” sledding hill for us!  AND then we got a call from Steve, inviting us on an adventure.  Steve is the King of Adventure… we knew we were in for some crazy fun!

We put together a little video for you all to see!  Scroll down and hit play!


The always fashionable Patty is the best pattern mixer!  She is ready to take on the snow!


We are breaking all the rules!

NantucketSnowstorm - ACKHERCULES8

We get snow on our faces!

NantucketSnowStorm - ACKHERCULES5

Steve, King of Adventure, with the GoPro camera on his head!


Let’s play!

Nantucket Snowstorm – #ACKHERCULES from The Milly & Grace Girls on Vimeo.



  1. Looks like so much fun! We need some of that snow over here in California!! You are crazy people pulling Steve with the car haha

  2. auntie joanie :

    Wow, that brought back so many childhood memories to me. Two differences ,we didn’t look as cute as you all do and we didn’t have the ocean we had Lakes. What a fun and ending to a fabulous holiday. XO

  3. I am officially homesick for my Madison!!!!!!!!!! and seeing my pups in the snow…Lucie loves the snow (as evidenced in our one snowstorm a few yrs. back) and of course my sweet Abby LOVED it even more! Can’t forget to mention living near the water…ok…let me get the kleenex…missing Connecticut shoreline…thanks for the memories! xoxo

    • Robyn! I know… there is nothing like a New England snow storm! Wish you would have been there with us. Miss you! We need to have another one of our chats soon! xoxo

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