Family Beach Day

The Milly & Grace Girls are busy girls during the summer!  So much so that we sometimes forget that we live on an island and that there is a beach waiting for us to have some fun!  We all had the afternoon off, so the Ott Family packed up the car and headed to the beach.


^ We trekked along till we found the perfect spot!




^ Watch out for the waves!


^Look at me – all innocent, just enjoying walking on the beach.  Unbeknownst to me, Caroline was on a mission to throw me in the ocean!  She tried hard but did not succeed! Funny, little Caroline.


^Lunch time! Yummy! Sandwiches are perfect for a beach lunch!  We picked some up on the way at our favorite sandwich shop, FRESH.


^Relaxing. Soaking in the rays. Soaking in the view.


^Here’s Dad! About to attack the waves on the boogie board!


Aww… Nantucket really is my favorite place in the world.  It was a perfect day at the beach!

What’s hiding at the Nantucket Ice Rink?

One of Nantucket’s best kept secrets is hiding at the Nantucket Ice Rink!  The Milly & Grace Girls are going to let you in on that little secret…


SIAM TO GO! The ice rink’s concession stand whips up the best Thai food in town.  No joke.  We are being serious.  Curries, fried rice, pad thai, spring rolls and salads… Oh my!


When you don’t feel like going into town, or when you want to avoid the crowds, or if you don’t have reservations at your favorite fancy restaurant, or if you just want to stay in after a long day of work or day at the beach… call up Siam (508.228.SIAM), place your order and pick it up in 15 minutes!


After work, Caroline and I were on our own for dinner so we called up SIAM!  It was just the two of us so we got the garden salad and Pad Thai to share.


We went home, turned on our newest Netflix obsession, Friday Night Lights, and enjoyed a lovely dinner at home.


So easy and yummy.

Now this secret stays between us!  Ok?

Don’t go telling everyone you know!

The Nantucket Triathlon

Nantucket Triathlon Road Closed


Nantucket Triathlon

The Nantucket Triathlon took place this past weekend!  It is the fifth year that out of towners and elite triathletes have flocked to the island to participate in this fun event, and of course some locals joined in on the fun too.  Our Dad, Bill, was a first time participant in the Nantucket Triathlon this year.  He is no stranger to the triathlon world though, as he has ran many before… in his younger years.  (By the looks of it…he seems to still be in his younger years.  And, no, he didn’t pay me to say that… haha!)

We were excited to watch him in action (until our alarm clocks went off at 4 am) AND we really were so happy to go CHEER HIM ON!

Here he is…



It was a third of a mile swim, 13.4 mile bike ride and 3.4 mile run.

Nantucket Triathlon Swim

This year, the water was really shallow for most of the swim course.  The athletes were able to walk most of the swim leg.  It really was an OCEAN WALK -BIKE -RUN!

Nantucket Triatlon Cheering

Us girls stood there and cheered EVERYONE on!  We were clapping and yelling the whole time.  We caught ourselves a couple times complaining that our hands were hurting and that we were tired…  After all those bikers and runners passed in front of us, we quickly realized that we DO NOT have anything to complain about!

Nantucket Triathlon Finish

Here we are with Dad at the finish line!  He did it!  We are so proud of him.  We can’t imagine doing the whole thing ourselves!  They do allow relay teams to participate…hmmm maybe the 3 Milly & Grace Girls will have to “tri” it out one year!