Working Girls




The Milly & Grace Team has been working hard this summer!  The other day I cooked a yummy dinner for the girls after a long day of work.  I stopped by my favorite market to pick up everything I needed for dinner.  I love Bartlett’s Farm.



These gorgeous red plums were the inspiration for my dinner!


I had cocktails (and of course a Shirley Temple for Caroline) ready when they walked in the door!  I grilled steak, plums and made a salad with spinach, arugula, toasted pecans, red onion, dried cranberries, golden raisins, avocado and gorgonzola. I have to say… it was so easy AND yummy!  Perfect for a summer night!

The Westmoor Club Dog Show

WHO LET THE DOGS OUT?!? Last weekend was the Second Annual Westmoor Club Dog Show! Patty, Head of the Westmoor Entertainment Committee, planned the event and was selected as one of the judges!  I tagged along to watch the fun!


This event is for all the furry members of the Westmoor and their owners!

Here are some of the contestants!


Cute girls and their dogs!

Girls and their dogs

Cato, a Golden Labrador Retriever, had the cutest little handlers. Cato got so excited to compete that he took off down the “woofway”!  This brother and sister team tried so hard to hold on but Cato ended up taking them on a little ride!  This team won the Mirror Image Award… Dog that most looks like their owners!


And here are some of the winners!


It was such a fun event!  All the doggies did such an amazing job and they were all so cute!  Patty had the hardest time judging because she wanted all the handlers (and their dogs) to win an award!  Last year a little boy came up to her afterwards asking why his dog didn’t win!  It broke her heart. She had to go straight to the bar afterwards!  We just got iced coffees ;)

IMG_1339Can’t wait for next year!

The Great Debate – Eyebrow Edition


My friend, Jasmine, had been spending the last few months trying to convince me that I should dye my eye brows darker.  Everywhere we went, every magazine she looked at, every time we watched TV… she pointed out ALL the blondes who have dark eyebrows.

Caroline said NO to the darker eyebrows idea.  She thinks hair should match the eyebrows.  Natural blondes should have blonde eyebrows.  And what Caroline says (usually) goes.   I value both of these girls’ opinions!  I was very torn about the situation.

Here are my girls Gwen and Jules… One has blonde eyebrows and one has darker blonde/brown eyebrows.

Gwyneth was the only celebrity we found that had blonde eyebrows!

They are both so beautiful!

Gwen and Jules

I was so nervous to try this out but I finally gave in and DYED my eyebrows!  Here I am before and after…

allison eyebrows

I’m still not convinced one way or the other!

Does anyone have strong opinions (like my friend Jasmine) one way or the other?


Do you dye your eyebrows?


Have you ever tried any beauty treatments that you were nervous to try or went horribly wrong?

I would love to know!

All I know is I’m glad I didn’t end up looking like this…


Photo Credit: Zimbio