It’s that time of year again – GGW!

Every year, all the girls on my mom’s side of family get together for a Girl’s Getaway Weekend!!  We call it GGW…

AND THIS YEAR IS GOING TO BE OUR 11th YEAR!  We are all meeting in Lake Tahoe today!

Our cousin, Shannon, came up with the idea because we all wanted to spend more time with our amazingly adorable Nanny… You all know her as Milly.  Here is Milly with all her girls!


We still carry on the tradition even though our Nanny is no longer with us.  We do it for her!!

We love and miss you, Nanny Bananny!  Wish you were here!

Here are a few shots from GGW Nantucket 2008.

At GGW….


We do fun activities!


And play fun games!


We also play jokes on each other!  There I am…. almost getting “pantsed” on the beach.  How rude!


But most of all, we just love being together and love having fun!!

Caroline did not make the trip from Switzwerland.  Lame.  We will miss her!

Stay tuned for GGW TAHOE posts next week!  XO

Family Beach Day

The Milly & Grace Girls are busy girls during the summer!  So much so that we sometimes forget that we live on an island and that there is a beach waiting for us to have some fun!  We all had the afternoon off, so the Ott Family packed up the car and headed to the beach.


^ We trekked along till we found the perfect spot!




^ Watch out for the waves!


^Look at me – all innocent, just enjoying walking on the beach.  Unbeknownst to me, Caroline was on a mission to throw me in the ocean!  She tried hard but did not succeed! Funny, little Caroline.


^Lunch time! Yummy! Sandwiches are perfect for a beach lunch!  We picked some up on the way at our favorite sandwich shop, FRESH.


^Relaxing. Soaking in the rays. Soaking in the view.


^Here’s Dad! About to attack the waves on the boogie board!


Aww… Nantucket really is my favorite place in the world.  It was a perfect day at the beach!

A Walk With My Mommy

I just recently got a new camera and I am LOVING it. I take it everywhere. It’s my new obsession. Anyway, I have been messing around with all the different settings and trying to master it (not close to mastering it, but I’m working on it!). So, the other day I decided to try out the video setting just for fun to see what I could come up with. My mom and I went on a walk on Sanford Farm, which is probably one of my favorites because after 3 miles of walking through pretty green trails…you end up at the BEACH(!!!), and I decided to video the walk. It turned out better than I had expected…but I still need a bit of practice. (Like note to self: don’t walk so much when you’re trying to film…it gets a little shaky!) Anyway, here is my first video ever! I hope it makes you smile.

**Music: “Walking on Sunshine” by Ali & AJ