A Nantucket Snow Storm – The Calm Before the Storm

Snow storm on Nantucket!! What a perfect way to end a lovely holiday on this beautiful little island!

On the first day of snow, there were only a few inches, but we were so excited that we decided to go on a little adventure!  We couldn’t wait to see what the island looked liked covered in snow. Patty drove us around the snow covered island and we hopped out and took pictures. We stopped along the way to get coffee, hot chocolate and Bacon, Egg and Cheese Biscuits from Stubbys… it hit the spot on that cold day.

Here are some snapshots from the day…













These pictures show you the calm before the big snow storm Hercules that followed the next day!  We had a big sledding adventure day! There will be a post tomorrow with more snow pictures and videos.

Snapshots from the holidays!

Nothing beats the holidays when you are together with family.  Like the song goes… It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  And we love spending it on Nantucket.

The gangs all here! Thanks for coming all this way Allie!  It would’t have been the same with out you.

Christmas preparations! magsandwrapping

Christmas Eve red ticket drawing – A Nantucket tradition! redticket

Our friend Jason was announced as the new honorary Mayor of Nantucket!  His girlfriend Courtney, Lady Mayor.  Congrats!! nantucketmayor

Christmas Eve dinner at Pazzo! (We promise we didn’t plan for our outfits to match!)ladiesxmaseve

Christmas Morning! snapshots3

Steve making jokes :)snapshots4

A Christmas stocking for Ivy of course – that spoiled little puppy! snapshots2

Being an LA girl these days, Allie has missed the snow.  She was so excited it snowed on Christmas morning!allie

Homemade cinnamon rolls made by Allie – it’s tradition!

The girls are ready for Christmas dinner! thegirls

The Christmas tablescape was designed by Patty with items from Milly & Grace!  Mom, you’ve outdone yourself this year!
Screen Shot 2014-01-03 at 8.01.14 AM

Christmas Dinner with the Hollisters! We feel so lucky that when Steve and Em got married, our family friends became family.  This is our 3rd year celebrating Christmas on Nantucket together.  snapshots6

Ivy being cute. As usual. ivy

Nantucket in the wintertime. dogwalks

Ivy got a new crate for Christmas – Steve set it up and thought it would be a good place to nap.SteveincrateLike every year, it always goes by way too fast .  Until next year!

A Nantucket Thanksgiving

A Nantucket Thanksgiving is just the best!  I always spend Thanksgiving on Nantucket because it is a busy busy weekend in the shop!! This year Steve’s family came down for the holiday.  It was truly a blast!  Most of the photos were taken by my sister in law, Samantha.  A big thank you to her for documenting the weekend!!

A Hollister Thanksgiving

The girls cooking in the kitchen! gals

The boys (and Ivy) playing football.

The guest of honor – Dee Dee!Deedee

I’m thankful for a sweet husband who takes such good care of me. Steve&Em

A Thanksgiving table for 16!
thanksgivingtableYou can get the mercury votives on Milly & Grace .com!

Thanksgiving dinner was delicious!

The day after, I headed to the shop for Black Friday shopping and the rest of the crew went to the beach for some target practice.  I was totally jealous.  Hate to miss out on all the fun!  beachwalking


The clay pigeons are biodegradable of course…chuckit

Samantha is a sharp shooter!samshoot

Did you really think there would be a post without a glamour shot of Ivy??!!IvythesharpshooterI know what you gals are going to think… meyersYou all want to come to my Thanksgiving next year…
harrysSo many handsome boys!! And this cute couple.. Love them!

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend! Ott family… I missed you terribly!