Last Minute Super Bowl Dessert Idea

OH NO!!  What if you were on your way out the door to a last minute Super Bowl Party tomorrow and you don’t have time to bake a dessert AND you don’t want to show up empty handed?!?!

Last minute Dessert idea 2

Here is a quick last minute dessert idea that you can prepare at the tailgate of your car!

All you need… A platter from home and a quick stop at the grocery store for 3 ingredients!

Ingredients:  Brownie Bites from the Bakery Section (These are Madeline and Brownie bites.. so yummy), Bag of Mini M&M’s and a can of “Cupcake Frosting”!


Place the Brownie Bites on the platter!


Frost ’em up!


Pour your M&M’s into the Brownie Bites container…


Pick up Orange and Blue M&M’s for the Broncos… sprinkle on half of the Brownie Bites.

Then pick up Blue and Green M&M’s for the Seahawks… sprinkle on the other half.


AND THERE YOU GO!!! You have whipped up BRONCOS vs SEAHAWKS Brownie Bites just in time for kickoff!


SO EASY!  You are now ready to go to the PARTAY!


It hurts me to say this but… Go Broncos!

I wanted to do a funny dessert post for all the fans of teams who are not in the Super Bowl… Like “Still Bitter Lemon Pie Cookies” or “Eat Dirt Pudding”… But I thought I should keep it classy.

Photo Credit: Helmets