Snow Days on Nantucket

This winter has been the snowiest winter on Nantucket that I’ve ever experienced!  We don’t normally get very much snow out here because we catch a little bit of the gulf stream and so it’s always a little warmer out here than in Boston or on the Cape.   On Saturday night, we fell asleep to a blizzard and woke up on Sunday to the most beautiful bluebird day!  Steve, Ivy and I bundled up and headed out to explore the winter wonderland!

The CreekssnowdaywakeupNo surfing today… surfboardsnowday Eel PointSteve&Ivysnowday emily & Ivy snowday Snow pupexploringsnowday dancinggirlssnowday She’s getting so big!icedunessnowdayMadaket
FrostedhousesnowdaySpace on Old South Wharf SpacesnowdayIn other news:  

Sometimes when we go exploring I look ridiculous.waders

Poor little Ivy is in heat and has to wear a diaper.  She was supposed to get spayed before she went into heat but we missed it by 4 days.  (Pups can’t get spayed while they are in heat)  Apparently it lasts for 3 weeks. diaperheadOn a brighter note, she looks adorable in my scarf…
That’s the latest from this little island 30 miles out to sea!

It’s good to be home!

January, for me, is always bittersweet.  The store closes on New Years Eve and we immediately switch gears and head to New York and Atlanta to work on our buy for next season.  We don’t even get a minute to catch our breath and reflect on the past season!!  Now don’t get me wrong, this trip is totally fun and I get to spend the whole time with Patty (check out the video that Caroline made of our buying trip to NYC !!), but I’m usually gone for 3 weeks!  (And this January, I also managed to sneak in a trip to Mexico for my friend Amanda’s bachelorette party!! I’ll be posting about that trip next time!)

Steve refers to January as Manuary – lots of frozen pizzas and not enough clean underwear.  But it wasn’t so bad for him this year because Miss Ivy was there to keep him company.   I end up really missing my sweet family, my little island and our community. So when it’s time to come home, I am so happy to.  This year,  silly Janus got in the way and my homecoming was delayed by one more day…but I finally made it:

Goodtobehome1goodtobehome2goodtobehome3The first thing I did when I got home was take that little (not so little anymore) rascal face on a walk!
goodtobehome4Ivy loves her new Barbour coat from Patty! goodtobehome5They always say that absence makes the heart grow fonder.  I believe it.

A little video of my day.  Yep, I need some video training.  Allison & Caroline are way better at it.

A Nantucket Snow Storm – #ACKHERCULES


On the second day of the storm, Nantucket woke up to a huge, white, fluffy layer of snow.  This meant we had to go sledding!  We all bundled up and headed out for another adventure!   Caroline had never been sledding before.  I know, isn’t that terrible?!  We definitely took her sledding when she was between the ages of 1 and 3, but she obviously doesn’t remember.  She was convinced she could “slip and slide” down our snow covered shell path… but she quickly realized that that doesn’t work!  We then found a huge pile of snow that the plow trucks left in our neighborhood that served as a pretty “epic” sledding hill for us!  AND then we got a call from Steve, inviting us on an adventure.  Steve is the King of Adventure… we knew we were in for some crazy fun!

We put together a little video for you all to see!  Scroll down and hit play!


The always fashionable Patty is the best pattern mixer!  She is ready to take on the snow!


We are breaking all the rules!

NantucketSnowstorm - ACKHERCULES8

We get snow on our faces!

NantucketSnowStorm - ACKHERCULES5

Steve, King of Adventure, with the GoPro camera on his head!


Let’s play!

Nantucket Snowstorm – #ACKHERCULES from The Milly & Grace Girls on Vimeo.